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In recent years there have been many changes to the regulations regarding international travel with your pet from Ireland around the globe, the most important of which is the lack of quarantine requirements for most pet travel- a very welcome development. This is great news for Irish owners wanting to relocate to different countries, and also for owners who want to take their pets on holiday with them.

Travel within Europe has been harmonised, and is relatively straightforward:

  • you will require a Pet Passport, which, here at Blackrock Veterinary Clinic, in Dublin, we can supply to you within a few days
  • your pet will also require a rabies vaccination at least 30 days before travel
  • your pet must also have a microchip before any of the above can happen (this is now a legal requirement for your dog in Ireland, even if you don’t intend on travelling abroad ).

There are some strict regulations to be adhered to before you return to Ireland from abroad, but our staff can advise you of the exact requirements before you travel.

For owners travelling further afield with their pet (usually when relocating) such as Australia or South Africa, the rules, regulations & requirements can be a lot more complex, but we have lots of experience at Blackrock Veterinary Clinic in aiding clients through the protocols for allowing their companions to travel with them.

We can also introduce you to some excellent carrier companies who are highly experienced in assisting with the logistics of some of the more long-haul journeys.